Hedgehog Seahorse, Pulau Perhentian

The Diver Facts

  • Jacques Cousteau designed the modern day diving equipment in 1943
  • There are now over 23 million divers worldwide
  • and approximately 1 million new divers are certified annually
  • PADI, one of the leading scuba certifying organisations, offer courses in over 200 countries worldwide
  • PADI are not the only dive organistation out there; SSI, BSAC, TDI and RAID also train new divers! (along with loads of others!
  • Although there is a swim test included in beginner dive courses, many dive centres will state you don't need to know how to swim to become a diver
  • It is possible to become a certified scuba diver, allowed to dive anywhere in the world on your own in as little as 3 days!

Ocean Facts

  • 97% of all the water on our planet is in the oceans
  • And the oceans make up 71% of our planet's surface
  • About 1% of that 71% is made up by coral reefs
  • But amazingly, 25% of all marine life can be found there
  • That is 25% of at least 226,408 marine species, but potentially as many as 25million
  • Roughly 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food and their livelihoods globally
  • That's more than 7 times the population of the UK that rely on reefs!
  • Coral is an animal that often is found growing in colonies, where hundreds or even thousands of individuals live together

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